I mentioned in a January post that I had applied for an open position with my current employer. Although I went through three rounds of interviews, ultimately one of the other finalist candidates was chosen. That led me to think about improving my coding skills; my current position is not a tech job, and why not have more options with the world changing so quickly?

So, I signed up for a tech mentoring program and mentioned it to my manager. Not long afterward, she assigned me to a technical writing project because she thought that would be a good fit, based to some extent on my participation in the mentoring program. I don’t have experience in technical writing, but it looks structured enough to be learned quickly, and I expect it will be an interesting adventure.

Word-art that says "Why" and "Not."

(Image credit: John Hain)

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  1. Hi Meg, this is so good! I also did a mini MBA during the pandemic and it was great. We should be also looking for new opportunities and the pandemic was an opening eyes for us. Never late to learn!

    • Thanks Elizabeth, and yay for your mini MBA! Yes, there are always more opportunities, it’s all about finding them — or creating space for them to find us 🙂

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