My house has a hardwood entryway, and last year we replaced the rug inside the front door. Not thinking much about it, I carried the old rug down to the unfinished storage area in the basement and put it on a pile of carpet remnants. While my husband was looking through the remnants recently, he took the old faded rug off the pile and put it down on the concrete floor.

Faded off-white rectangular rug with a floral pattern in the middle. 

When I went into the storage area and saw the old rug, my first reaction was “Gah! Why is this still HERE!” Not only was it frayed at the corners, the colors had faded more than I remembered, the sides were uneven, plus it was all dusty after more than a year in the basement. All I could say was YUCK! I just had to shake my head and wonder, what on earth was I thinking when I kept it?

About Clutter Comedy: Every Sunday (which I envision as a day of rest after a productive week of de-cluttering) I post a Clutter Comedy article describing my most memorable clutter discovery of the week. Other bloggers who wish to join in are welcome—just post a link in the comments! There’s no need to publish any “before” photos of your clutter, if they are too embarrassing. The idea is simply to get motivated to clean it up, while having a bit of fun too!


  1. It reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit. It sounds wonderfully well-worn.

    • Yes, after I posted this entry, I did think that perhaps the tone was too harsh because it wasn’t the rug’s fault that it got worn out! But for whatever reason, I got a big blast of icky stagnant energy as soon as I opened the storage area door and saw it. Somehow the rug felt like it had soaked up feelings of stagnation and frustration from stuff that happened years ago…

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