I’ve had the phrase “let go of the outcome” in my head a lot this past week, when telling myself that uncertain situations would turn out for the best regardless of what might happen at a particular time. In keeping with that thought, and with the “consider the lilies” story that I posted yesterday, I decided to illustrate today’s entry with a photo of the daylilies next to my garage.

Row of four daylily plants, not blooming yet, under a gas meter. 

I planted them under the gas meter about 10 years ago, and they’ve been growing robustly ever since. One year the gas company dug them up to put in a new meter, and that left me concerned that they might not recover properly. But they came back the next year as healthy as ever; so, just as with anything else, I shouldn’t have wasted my time and mental energy uselessly worrying about possible outcomes!

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  1. we do waste a lot of mental energy on things we shouldn’t! Thanks for the reminder, for I can’t afford to waste my mental energy, Ha!

  2. You’re right, Meg ~ we can waste a lot of energy worrying about how things will turn out. And when we let go of trying to control the outcome we often get results beyond our expectations, just like your strong and healthy day lily plants! 🙂

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