Last summer I bought a small garden fountain to put on my front porch, which faces north-northwest and is always in the shade. The porch had seemed so dark and still with nothing but the doormat to brighten it up! The fountain definitely adds cheerful energy; and for those interested in feng shui, that spot is the house’s north compass point where a fountain traditionally would be placed. All good!

Small ceramic garden fountain decorated with butterflies and flowers, in a corner of my porch. 

The garden where I planted the alyssum shown in last Thursday’s entry is on the other side of the stone pillar shown in this photo. I also have snapdragons planted there, along with astilbe in a shady corner, and two varieties of hostas. It always lifts my mood to look out the window and see the flowers all summer long! Of course, in the winter there’s nothing but bare ground, and the fountain has to be brought indoors and put away until spring; but for now, there’s plenty of time left to enjoy both the fountain and the garden!

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  1. I love the sound of water in a garden – it adds instant calm…
    And thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment – I’m so enjoying NT 🙂

  2. Hi Meg, I love the butterflies, and to have a water fountain in the garden is so lovely, one of my neighbours had one, always little birds bathing and drinking water in there. Have a great night!

  3. The sound of water is so calming, but right now I don’t have a fountain on my terrace…thanks for the reminder!

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