My husband deserves a shout-out for going above and beyond the call of duty on Sunday afternoon when he cleaned the shower and mowed the lawn at the same time. First he sprayed on some shower cleaner, then he went outside and mowed for a while, then he took a break from mowing and came back in to spray the shower some more. After he finished mowing, he hosed off the mower so that the garage wouldn’t smell like decaying grass clumps, which got him wet and splashed all over with grass goo, and finally he went inside and scrubbed the shower thoroughly while also cleaning himself up. What a guy.

When our family members and other people in our lives do something that’s worthy of appreciation, we should take a little time to compliment them for it. There’s always something nice that we can say!

Cartoon with a ruler saying "You rock!" and a rock saying "You rule!"

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  1. Yay for your husband!! Yes, we should give a Shout Out at those times! And you just reminded me that I need to go clean the shower! I bought some spray for it, but isn’t going to help much by staying in the bottle! 🙂

  2. Kudos for your hubby — it is such a great feeling when they think to do those chores!

  3. Your husbands a keeper. He reminds me of my hubby. He does things and never mentions it. I notice and always say, ‘Thank You.’ There aren’t too many men or even woman who do something just to be helpful without looking for appreciation. BRAVO … to all those who help because we love who we’re doing it for.
    FABULOUS …. nurturing, Meg.
    Isadora ?

  4. So cool. And I know the feeling. When husband takes over cooking duty , I feel like kissing him right then and there. Lovely post.

  5. This is an absolute truth. We all deserve appreciation and I think one is blessed to have a family who prefers to appreciate each other than blaming. In such families even the hardest time passes quicky.

  6. Wow! great hubby, i should have him give some advice to mine!

  7. Yes, what a guy! It is true that we sometimes take such good deeds for granted…a little appreciation goes a long way to make someone’s day.

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