My online rowing session this afternoon came from a new destination—the instructor was on a river in Burlington, Vermont. The surrounding landscape was a beautiful emerald green. The video occasionally switched to a drone view during the workout and showed the river from above, in addition to the usual cameras on the instructor’s boat and on the safety launch following it. I particularly enjoyed that view after the dry, hot summer here in Ohio, which left the trees and lawns in my neighborhood looking parched.

Afterward, my husband mentioned that someone on Facebook had complained that the drone view was a distraction from the workout. I said that I didn’t look at it that way. It was good to have something different for a change. Besides, it was just for fun, and it made the workout feel more playful—like the dolphins that sometimes leap out of the water during the winter rowing sessions in Miami Beach. Life wouldn’t have much zest without curiosity and appreciation for new views.

Word-art with a dolphin and words like "Playful" and "Curious."

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  1. I imagine how pretty should be the view. I really like to see the surroundings, it’s more real. I remember when I took some virtual biking classes and it showed all the neighbours where the bike was going, like small cities in Europe, or large deserts in Australia, it was great to do exercise and to visit some of these places. People always find something to complain about! 🙂

    • Yes, it’s much more fun than sitting on some old exercise machine with no video. People ought to have more appreciation for how amazing today’s technology is. 🙂

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