Today at work there was a team meeting in which one of the main topics was developing new skills. Sometimes that can feel intimidating, either because of uncertainty about what skills would be the most useful, or maybe just because things always seem harder when they’re new.

It can be a challenge to imagine future versions of ourselves becoming comfortable in new situations. We’ve had to do it, though, in one way or another, ever since we grew up—and when we look back and reflect on how far we have come since then, our younger selves deserve credit for believing it could happen and for doing a pretty good job of getting there.

Word-art with a kitten seeing its reflection as a tiger; it says "Believe in yourself."

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  1. Looking back we see how many things we have been through, sometimes is it’s unbelievable. You need to keep doing and learning new things.

  2. Definitely food for thought — I have always loved that image for motivation and inspiration! Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday!

  3. So true and love this little kitten! Have a great day!

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