Back when my family lived in our starter house, with an economy refrigerator that did not have an icemaker, my husband bought a pair of Frosty Mugs. Then we always had something cold in the freezer for drinking soda pop, even if we ran out of ice cubes from the trays. Although the refrigerator in our current house has an ice dispenser in the freezer door, we still used the Frosty Mugs for a few years after moving.

Two red mugs on a shelf in the freezer door. 

Then I gave up sugary drinks to stay healthy, while my husband switched to Coke Zero and bought a set of old-fashioned Coke glasses to put it in. The Frosty Mugs sat in the freezer door for years afterward, totally forgotten. I just happened to notice them a few days ago and think, “Hmmm, has it been five years since we last used these things, or closer to ten?” Whichever it is, they’re definitely clutter!

About Clutter Comedy: Every Sunday (which I envision as a day of rest after a productive week of de-cluttering) I post a Clutter Comedy article describing my most memorable clutter discovery of the week. Other bloggers who wish to join in are welcome—just post a link in the comments! There’s no need to publish any “before” photos of your clutter, if they are too embarrassing. The idea is simply to get motivated to clean it up, while having a bit of fun too!

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