I am not sure if this winter has been much more cloudy than usual or if the lack of sunlight is just getting to me more, but I’ve been looking to cheer myself up by putting pictures of sunlit forests and lakes on the art display on my dining room wall. Today’s photo is of Lake Valhalla in Washington, with sunlight on the hills in the distance. I’ve never been there in real life, but it looks like a beautiful place to row or hike.

Photo of Lake Valhalla in Washington, with forested hills.

And yesterday’s image was a mossy waterfall with sunlight coming through the trees in the background. I love how the green and yellow shades swirl together in the reflections on the water.

Waterfall in a forest with sunlit trees in the background.

After writing this post, I’m feeling more cheerful and appreciative of how modern technology can fill every day with joyful spots of beauty. Wishing my readers in the Northern Hemisphere plenty of lovely sunny images to brighten the winter days, too!


  1. Beautiful pics! Thanks!
    Yes, I am longing for snow, to at least add some brightness to the dreary, grayish days.

  2. One of the reasons we resettled in the sunshine state six years ago was that the darkness of winters got to me. You have discovered a great way of brightening the gloomy days!

    • And even on sunny days, it’s fun to have a different view every day from a “window” in what was a bare wall. I wanted something like this about 20 years ago, but of course the technology wasn’t nearly there yet. They finally made one in 2015, and my husband noticed it and bought one for my Christmas present, yay. 🙂

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