My poor long-suffering backyard willows, which I’ve had to cut back significantly in the past few years because of damage caused by unusually cold winters and hot, dry summers, took more abuse this morning when an ice storm bent their branches all the way to the ground.

Ice-covered willows with branches hanging to the ground.

The temperature got above freezing this afternoon, though, and the ice is melting. I expect that by tomorrow, the branches will have shed their coating of ice and will have bounced back, not much worse for the wear. We could learn a few things about resilience from their example!

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  1. I spent the morning cutting back plants we forgot to cover over our unusual-for-us below freezing days. My thoughts were similar — how some of nature bounces back fairly quickly, while others die out, or “die” until spring! Nature’s resilience is amazing — as well as many people! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Yes, winter certainly showed up all of a sudden this year! But, of course, it won’t stay forever, and maybe spring will come just as quickly 🙂

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