Sunday was cool and rainy, so I chose a photo for my art display that had trees with red and orange leaves on a cloudy day. My husband looked at it and said, in a less than enthused tone, “It looks like fall.”

And I said, “Well, it is fall.”

Then he said that he wasn’t ready for the summer to be over yet. He got his wish and had a few more warm days this week, and I’ve been displaying more summerlike photos. The seasons always have to change, though—so we may as well make the best of it.

Word-art that says "Think of raking leaves as Mother Nature's way of getting you in shape to shovel snow."

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  1. We had enough of summer, but I wish a longer fall, I don’t think so, somedays is getting too cold, I think winter is creeping around the corner!

  2. I am learning to enjoy Fall more and more! Love the leaves!

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