Last summer the rowing club bought some new boats, and this year they’re selling older ones. Because the boathouse manager was going to be out of town when buyers from another club came on Wednesday evening to pick up two boats, my husband volunteered to meet the buyers at the boathouse.

We helped them to take off the riggers for transport and to lift the boats up on top of their truck. It was sunny and hot, and we ended up being about an hour late for our usual Wednesday evening row, but it worked out all right. By the time we got on the river, the temperature had cooled off and felt very pleasant. The water was very calm, and we rowed most of our usual distance before it started getting dark. It turned out to be a beautiful day on the river!

Word-art that says "How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it." -George Elliston

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  1. Absolutely! May we all scatter kindness every day – it doesn’t cost us anything and has its own rich rewards 🙂

  2. A perpetual ripple is initiated with those random acts of kindness.
    Sorry I am late in responding — I have been away!

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