I began this year with a New Year’s resolution simply to be present in the moment. There was no daily routine associated with it. I wanted to train my mind, very gently, into a habit of noticing more of what went on around me.

Even though I hadn’t tasked myself with actively working on any problems, after a while I began to feel that they were getting solved anyway, or at least put into better perspective and taking an appropriate place on the priority list. By noticing more of my surroundings without judgment, I planted seeds for thought, giving my subconscious mind enough space to let new patterns grow naturally.

Word-art that says "Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its own solution." -Stanley Arnold

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  1. Love this post dear Meg, exactly what I’m doing! Being present here and now. “planted seeds for thought” this is wonderful!

  2. Such wonderful post. It came right when I need it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Meg.

  3. Wonderful post, Meg! I have to make the same resolution for the rest of the year….need that practice.

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