Birds and small animals occasionally drink from the little fountain on my front porch (shown here). Today I saw a chipmunk and was going to take a photo, but the chipmunk was scurrying away under a bush by the time I got back there with my phone. I noticed that the bush needed mulch and that a few small weeds were coming up around it.

Small weeds under a bush that needs mulch.

Of course, there’s always something in the yard that has weeds or is otherwise in need of maintenance—we expect that. Then I started wondering, why do we expect so much more from ourselves than from our gardens? We wouldn’t complain that a garden was a bad garden for having a few weeds, but we criticize ourselves for all kinds of small imperfections. We might do better simply to accept the fact that, just like the yard, we’re always going to have a weed here or there!

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  1. Good thoughts!!!

  2. Great words and insight here. My garden is overgrown with weeds at the moment!

  3. Very nurturing. I like your ideas so much. We do not have to go around world in search nurturing thoughts they can be found just in our garden. 🙂

  4. Great post for Nurturing Thursday — thank you for the gentle reminder!! 🙂

  5. excellent metaphor…especially since my garden always has weeds…hugs!

  6. ? So true xxxxx blessings — Laurie

  7. Oops I typed in my own site wrong. Silly phone

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