There is a wild-looking hedge to the west of my yard. A former neighbor, who was clueless about landscaping, planted a random jumble of trees and shrubs along the property line many years ago. Once or twice a year, I have to cut off branches that get too far over the line.

This year’s invaders mainly consist of flowering honeysuckle and some kind of climbing rose. They’re pretty, but they hang down far enough to interfere with my husband mowing the grass, so they have to go. Sometime in the near future I’ll get around to doing that chore. For now, though, I can enjoy the flowers and get a sense of belonging in wild nature.

Word-art that says "You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free." -Tom Petty

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  1. I love the messiness of the flowers when they get everywhere, I know sometimes is only trouble! My hubby likes the garden all organized with few plants and more grass space. We are always discussing it!

    • Yes, even wild daisies and flowering thistles are pretty in nature, but what a mess it can be if one of them goes to seed in the yard. More grass space is practical but boring. There is always something to work on! I hope you are having a good weekend 🙂

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