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The weather forecast—extreme winds, temperatures suddenly falling overnight, and ice and snow—was alarming enough that I went to get groceries early this morning, for fear the supermarket would be so mobbed that I wouldn’t be able to get much. As it turned out, everything was fine; I found almost all of the items on my list, and there was very little wind and only a light drizzle. Because it was a dark morning, I chose an image of holiday lights for my digital art display.

Picture of a jar filled with Christmas lights.

I had in mind to brighten things up, in much the same way as the ancient pagans with their candles, warding off the dark—or, perhaps, to bring my family good luck with regard to the more modern issue of the power staying on, whenever the howling winter winds finally get here. Wishing a cozy, warm, and safe home and the blessings of family to my readers also!

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