I woke up to a sunny morning and felt cheerful, but the daylight hours felt like they ended all too soon. That got me thinking about the ancient custom of lighting candles at the winter solstice, which I’m sure must have helped our ancestors to trust that light and warmth would return to the world.

My husband came upstairs after working out on the rowing machine and went to take a shower, while chatting about various things that had happened during his workday. He said that if I thought he was talking too much, I should feel free to tell him so. I said no, it wasn’t bothering me at all. Having some cheerful conversation on a dark, cold winter night is a very good thing!

Word-art that says "Trust..."

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  1. I love having candles lit during winter! My living room was ablaze with them tonight.

    • Yes, and modern Christmas lights are cheerful too! The LED lights last much longer than Christmas lights did in the past. I first bought them for my tree eight years ago, and the strings all still work. There are a few burned-out bulbs that need replacing, but otherwise they’re good.

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