Yesterday was dark and rainy, but I decided to go for a run outside anyway because my husband’s Christmas gifts for me included thick winter hats, which looked very comfy, and a pair of tights (both by UnderArmour). So I tried them out, running around the block a few times. I came home when my shoes got wet enough to make my socks feel damp. The hat kept my head warm and dry, the tights were a good fit, and a jacket kept me otherwise dry, so I was comfortable except for the wet shoes.

This year has reminded us all to be thankful for having so many ordinary, comfortable things which, in past years, often got taken for granted. And even if much of 2020 felt like slogging through puddles on a dark winter day with wet feet, it also put such small inconveniences in perspective.

Word-art that says "Resilience."

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