Last weekend, my husband and I noticed that a board on top of our deck railing had gotten warped on one end and the screws had come loose. I thought at first that we might need a new board, but he said that we could just turn the warped board over and it would be fine. We had to scrape off some old wasps’ nests and other icky stuff that we found under the board; but after we cleaned it up and screwed the board back into place, it didn’t look nearly as bad anymore.

Wooden deck railing, slightly warped. 

Sometimes life is kind of like that, too. Bad habits and negativity can leave us feeling like our lives have gotten a bit warped, or even make us wonder if we have a screw or two loose; but often all we need to do is to turn over something that we haven’t looked at in a while, scrape off the accumulated crud, and then go forward with the benefit of a different perspective.

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  1. I loved this post…profound and enlightening! Sometimes it is as simple as turning over the warped board:) Peace, Richard

  2. I agree sometimes we need a different perspective. I find I can chase the same thought and resolution around and around then when I shelf the idea, a newer better solution appears 🙂

    • Yes, unfortunately it’s all too easy for one’s thoughts to get stuck going around in circles! Thanks for stopping by to comment. 🙂

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  5. So true. Beneath the crud lies a beautiful soul awaiting rebirth. hugs for the reminder…

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