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Almost four years ago, I wrote about a dream in which my subconscious mind repeatedly gave me a very insistent message: “Avoid assumptions, leave space for improvement.”

Not long afterward, the entire world’s assumptions got knocked for a loop in 2020, which made for some uncharted territory when it came to finding space for improvement in a much-changed society. I made more friends online, and one of them kindly gave me a custom-made mug decorated with my new personal motto. I’ve been keeping squares of dark chocolate in it.

Photo of a mug with the words "Avoid Assumptions" and "Leave Space for Improvement."

Looking back at the changes, I had more space for improvement in my life than I knew. Because labor shortages have prompted management to do more to retain long-term employees, I feel more valued in my workplace. My husband changed jobs, is better paid, and can work from home, after a lifetime of cube-dwelling purgatory. Our finances are in better order, and we have much more freedom to travel now that we both can work remotely. I’m keeping the mug on my desk in hopes it will bring more good fortune my way!


  1. Inspiring mug! I’m reading a book about surrender, it says we need to surrender to what life put in front of us instead of fighting against it and we need to take advantage of these opportunities for changing. It goes perfectly with your post. I’m glad your new path is a better one than before the world went crazy.

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