Some books are classic works that get better with age, like a bottle of good wine. Others, sadly, just get obsolete and end up as clutter. I discovered one of the latter variety while tidying my bookshelf recently—an etiquette book I’ve had since 1984, with a copyright date of 1978. With all the cultural changes since then, and the fact that this book long predates the Internet and many other modern technologies, it’s not the most useful resource to keep around.

The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette, 1978 edition. 

I also threw away some tattered paperbacks and put a new Bible on my bookshelf to replace one that was worn out. Then I started to wonder if there was any ceremony for proper disposal of an old Bible, as with an old flag. I consulted the etiquette book to find out whether it had anything to say on that topic, but there was nothing. So, naturally, I went to the Internet for an answer. I found that although some people prefer to ceremoniously bury an old Bible, no particular method of disposal is required. Looking that up took only a few minutes, so I don’t think I’ll miss having an etiquette book on the shelf!

About Clutter Comedy: Every Sunday (which I envision as a day of rest after a productive week of de-cluttering) I post a Clutter Comedy article describing my most memorable clutter discovery of the week. Other bloggers who wish to join in are welcome—just post a link in the comments! There’s no need to publish any “before” photos of your clutter, if they are too embarrassing. The idea is simply to get motivated to clean it up, while having a bit of fun too!


  1. You know what they say about worn bibles, its a good sign! 🙂 I have to soon replace mine too!

    • Thanks Carolyn — my bookshelf looks much better now. Though I have to admit that was the easy stuff. Next week I’m starting on the basement (eek)!

  2. Seems that your cleanup is in full swing! I will not bury my old Bible because it’s been with me since childhood. My bookshelf is so-so, not too bad, but everything else in my office/library requires attention! I

  3. Hahaha, I love it. I, too, decluttered, but on a Saturday night. I’m a real wild 30 year old, yep. And I found my old Brownie sash with all my badges on it. It still fits, albeit a bit small! I totally Instagrammed it. So funny.

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