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I had a really weird dream last night. I was some kind of ancient prophet, and God spoke through me in my dreams while a group of disciples carefully wrote down the words. Every morning I would wake up to see a new parchment scroll beautifully illustrated and full of divine wisdom.

Ancient parchment prayer scroll with illustrations.

(Creative Commons image via flickr)

When I woke up this morning (for real), I decided that my subconscious mind most likely was telling me to pay more attention to the wisdom in my dreams. Even if they’re not divinely inspired, my dreams may have useful insights and be worth taking the time to write them down.

So, I put this one into my blog, which seemed as good a place as any. Maybe it’s too weird to inspire anyone, but it might at least have some entertainment value on this cold winter day.


  1. That is an interesting dream, could you read what was written?

    • Yes, I could read it. That is a good question, as many people in the ancient world couldn’t read. There were some characters in my dream who did not know how to read, but they had a very good memory for spoken words.

  2. I love that dream and I think it very well could be sharing with you some wisdom! I think its great that you wrote it down. So did you write down everything that was on the scroll?

  3. Oh. not weird at all, Meg, just a real gift! I believe we all have the wisdom we need inside ourselves, we just need to access it – and dreams are a great access route! Your wisdom is unique to you (and for you), but there will be universal elements (archetypes) we can all draw on…
    I’ve never heard of Creative Commons, I must check them out – that’s a gorgeous image!!
    <3 x

    • Thanks Claire. 🙂 Creative Commons is a way of sharing content. People tag their photos, or other creative works, as available to be shared at whatever level of permission the author prefers.

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