When I was a kid, my mom always was a major stickler for prompt thank-you notes. I remember several afternoons when instead of going out to play, I was sent to my room to compose a neglected thank-you, while grumbling to myself that it was a pointless chore.

Although it took a while, I did eventually develop more understanding of the thank-you ritual. Rather than just being a rote social script, thank-you notes show appreciation for kind acts, which is a way of giving kindness in return. After visiting my mother recently, I sent a card thanking her for showing my husband and me around her current house, which we hadn’t seen before. That might not have been technically a gift, but I did appreciate her taking the time to do it, and just thought I should say so.

Word-art that says "Acts of kindness inspire kindness."

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  1. HI Meg! Great to see a post from you again and this one is so right on! The simple courtesy of Thank you notes I think have been lost in society today. I bet your Mom loved the little Thank You card you sent. It takes us just a little time and it can mean so much to someone else!

  2. hi Meg, such a beautiful post! yes, of course, thank you notes are wonderful, or just looking someone in the eyes and saying thanks is powerful, we can change the day of someone doing it. i’m sure your mother loved to receive your note. thanks you for sharing this beautiful nurturing gesture. have a great weekend!

  3. I used to send thank you notes, and still do it at times, but text messaging has made it easy to say thanks soon after an event…so that has overtaken some of the cards.

  4. Yes, my mom was the same about the writing of thank you notes! I am sure your mom appreciates your note of appreciation; I imagine it touched her heart as well! There are not many thank you note writers in these days!

    • Thanks Becca — yes, it doesn’t really take that much time to write a thank you note, but people rush around so much that they lose perspective, I think.

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