This week I’ve been feeling kind of rushed, like there is too much going on. I haven’t really had all that much to do, besides insurance open enrollment (which I did this afternoon) and a class I’m scheduled to attend Friday morning. Maybe the end of the Thanksgiving weekend made the workweek seem busier, or it could just be the season generally.

Busy feelings are pretty common this time of year. The modern world has its stresses, and as it gets more complicated every year, that means there are more things to keep up with and more decision points where mistakes could be made.

Even when we feel like there’s too much going on, it helps to keep in mind that most of it doesn’t matter much. Unlike our peasant ancestors getting ready for winter, we can be reasonably confident that when we make mistakes or leave a few things undone, they won’t cause us to starve, freeze, or get eaten by wolves. So, whatever we do, there’s really no need to stress about what else could have been done.

Word-art that says "Do what you can with what you have where you are."

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  1. I think as I get older — I want life simplified — especially at this time of year. But there is an undeniable energy this time of year, and while I enjoy it, I challenge myself not to get caught up into it beyond my boundaries. I use to feel guilty, but I’ve let that go!! Of course, it certainly helps now that there is only my husband, and my fur-kiddos.

  2. Dear Meg, LOL right now, yes, thanks goodness we will not starve and no wolves around. Now we have online shopping, so no need to go out if we don’t want. 🙂

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