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A few months ago, when I was browsing through the online library collection for the digital art display in my dining room, an image of a quaint faraway city captured my attention. Deep blue shadows on a stony hillside framed the city’s rooftops.

City rooftops framed by a blue-shadowed hillside.

I put it in my favorites folder, wondering, as I did so, just what I was going to do with it. Usually I try to match the image on the art display to the ambient light coming in through my windows, so that I can trick my brain into seeing it as a “window” onto a new landscape or cityscape every day.

“Maybe in the middle of winter,” I said to myself doubtfully. That blue was quite striking, but it didn’t look like any natural light that ever came into my ordinary suburban house. Sure enough, it sat in my favorites for months, without coming close to looking like a good match.

This morning I woke up to a gloomy Monday sky that couldn’t quite make up its mind whether it wanted to snow or rain, so it split the difference by leaving the ground coated in an icy bluish glaze. Something about that color looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it until I opened the art display’s app to choose an image for the day. There it was—the deep blue cityscape—just perfect!


  1. What a fab idea about the digital art display transporting you through a new “window” that matches the ambient mood! Love it—and such an intriguing cool photo with great colors… looks like a place I’d love to visit after all this! Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing this window fun!

    • Hi Paula, glad you enjoyed it! Yes, that city does look like an interesting place to visit, but I do not know where it is. I’m guessing that it is somewhere in Korea because the product sold well in that country and a significant amount of content in the library was uploaded by Korean users.

  2. Love the orange light, perfect for warming up in these winter months!

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