Yesterday I decided that it was time to post a summer photo of my backyard willow hedge, completing the series of autumn, winter, and spring photos featured in past Nurturing Thursday entries.

My backyard willow hedge, bright and green in summer. 

So I stepped out into the backyard and took this photo, standing at the end of the hedge as I did in the other seasons. I felt warm and comfortable in the sunlight of a cloudless day, surrounded by the late-summer sounds of crickets, locusts, and one small bird chirping. It was so peaceful that it almost seemed as if the moment might last forever.

As it turned out, though, it was a very good thing I took the photo yesterday because this morning was cool and rainy, feeling much more like autumn. Looking out the window at today’s damp gray sky, I’m reminded that everything changes, and often much more quickly than we expect!

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  1. Love seeing this beautiful hedge in each season – just gorgeous!
    And yes, how things change…

  2. Such a nice idea. I should try with hedges 😉

  3. It is great to see full circle in all the seasons … looks like a lovely spot to enjoy the bounties of each! Thank you for sharing and linking with Nurturing Thursday! <3

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