Today still felt like summer here, warm and sunny; but there’s no mistaking the change of seasons when the days keep getting shorter. This morning I put some Pumpkin Spice coffee on the K-cup carousel, taking the place of my Raspberry Chocolate Truffle summer favorite, so as to get ready for the chilly mornings that are forecast for the weekend.

Coffee carousel with new pumpkin spice K-cups centered in the photo. 

Although I generally like the long days of late spring and early summer the best, there is always something to appreciate at any time of year! Seasonal flavors—whether they’re of coffee or anything else—are a tasty reminder that nothing ever stays the same, and we should enjoy life’s carousel as it turns.

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  1. With each season there’s a message from Mother Nature … that change is important.
    Isadora ??

  2. Ooh, I drink Raspberry Choc all year round, Meg, and a REAL favourite 🙂 But I know what you mean… I change my scented candles to spicy ones as the days shorten – they’re my favourite scent, but just don’t ‘feel’ right on long summer evenings…

    • When I first discovered Raspberry Choc (yum!) I drank it all year round too, but lately I’ve been doing more seasonal rotations of the flavors, just to change things up a bit more.

  3. Hi Meg, the autumn mornings are already here, lots of yellow leaves on the ground and the cold crispy air. I love this transition time, a little summer, a little fall. The stores are selling lots of pumpkin and pumpkin products, love the latte pumpkin spice coffee. Have a lovely day!

  4. Mother Nature slips her changes slowly even if it doesn’t even “feel like” it is occurring. Our leaves are beginning to drop without any cool fall weather in sight … the trees seem to “just “know” what is expected!

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